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BRF Special School Board Meeting May 15th


RE: Special School Board Meeting Notice for the Purpose of School Board Development – May 15, 2014

The Board of Education of the School District of Black River Falls will hold a special meeting at the District Office Board Room located at 301 North Fourth Street at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 15, 2014.

01. Call to Order

02. Roll Call: Axel Dressler _______, Amy Hoffman _______,

Nehomah Thundercloud _______, Laurel Meek _______,

Mary Jo Radcliffe _______, Mary Jo Rozmenoski _______,

Todd Stittleburg _______

03. Discussion Items

a. Board re-organization

b. Expectations

c. Strategic Planning

d. Key Works of School Boards

e. Common Messages on June 9

f. Facilities Survey – Talking Points

04. Adjournment

Motion By _______ Seconded By _______ Vote _______ Time _______





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