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updated 10:19 AM UTC, May 20, 2018

Sunday State News

  • Written by Bob Gabrielson
  • Published in News


Wheeler News Service - Sunday, May 19, 2013 - Sunday News Report





Powerball:  10-13-14-22-52 Powerball-11

MegaBucks:  14-15-16-30-41-45

SuperCash:  1-7-22-24-28-39 doubler-No

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Pick 4:     0-0-2-3

Pick 3:     8-8-3




Here are the stories:



Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's visit to Connecticut is generating some political heat.  That state's Democratic party is calling him a "goon" and is using Walker's presence at the Republican's biggest annual event to raise some funding of its own.  Walker speaks in Connecticut tomorrow to start a busy week of campaigning.  Walker is on the road this week to build name recognition as he considers a run for president in the 2016 campaign.  Iowa is the first caucus state for that election and Walker will speak Thursday to Republicans in Polk County.  Before that, Walker makes a stop in New York City at the legendary "21" Club for a Republican fundraiser Tuesday.




Experts say it's not likely that Wisconsin will follow the lead of its next-door neighbor any time soon and allow same-sex marriage.  Minnesota became the 12th state to do that last week.  Political experts say there simply isn't any strong sentiment for this state to take a step like that.  Wisconsin's constitution bans same-sex unions.  Nearly 60 percent of Badger State voters supported an amendment banning gay marriage seven years ago.  Voters would have to pass an amendment undoing that 2006 vote.  Before that could happen, the Legislature would have to pass the amendment in two consecutive sessions.  Since the Republican Party has complete control of state government, those actions are not very likely in the near future.




The Lafayette County sheriff's department says eight year old Melvin Jarrett Junior is the eight year old boy who was killed Friday afternoon by a skid steer loader.  The boy's father was operating the machinery when he was run over at about 4:40 p.m.  The machine was being used to help develop a campground at the time.  Melvin Jarrett Senior was backing up when the fatal accident occurred.  The boy was from Blanchardville.




Green Bay police spent three days in the home where Daniel Kuehl had lived, gathering evidence which is now being tested at the Wisconsin Crime Lab.  Kuehl was 49 years old.  His body was found last week.  Detectives say the killing probably happened no more than a week before the body was found.  Police say those who knew him describe Kuehl as a kind mind who was very private.  They want anyone who has been in his apartment to contact investigators.




When bean bag rounds failed to stop his charge, Madison police say they were forced to shoot a 43 year old man who was waiving a large sword as he ran at officers.  Madison police were called to the condominium after authorities weren't able to serve an eviction notice Friday morning.  The man refused to come out for several hours.  He was shot at about 9 p.m. as he charged the officers outside.  He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.




Former Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski was demoted last March after he compared Republican Governor Scott Walker to Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.  He had made that comparison in a tweet.  Zielinski says he is working on a writing project now.  He also said in a Facebook posting he has been dealing with a "health scare" recently, but he didn't get specific.  Zieglinski announced he was leaving his party position last Friday, the same day Walker campaign spokesperson Nicole Tieman said she was leaving.




The Victory Garden Initiative says it wants to make sure everyone has access to fresh fruits and vegetables, no matter what their income level is.  The Initiative is looking for volunteers to plant 500 vegetable gardens in Milwaukee by next weekend.  The nonprofit effort got its name during last century's two world wars when people were asked to grow food to support the war effort.  Now, it backs the planting of gardens to improve nutrition and quality of life.  




If you want to make sure your phone number is on Wisconsin's no-call list, the deadline is May 31st.  If you beat the deadline, you would be protected from unwanted phone solicitation calls starting July 1st.  Registrations last for two years and the list is updated four times a year.  If you miss this month's deadline, you won't be able to get your name added to the list until October 1st.



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