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Attorney General Files Appeal

(5/13/14) Wisconsin's attorney general has appealed a federal court ruling which struck down the requirement that voters show photo I-D's at the polls.

 J-B Van Hollen filed his appeal yesterday with the Seventh Circuit appellate court in Chicago.  Federal Judge Lynn Adelman ruled last month that the voter I-D law passed by Republicans in 2011 placed an unfair burden on poor and minority voters, and was therefore unconstitutional.  Van Hollen has also asked Adelman to delay the effect of his ruling while the appellate court considers the matter.  A second and similar case is expected to get a ruling from the State Supreme Court this summer.  The state would have to prevail in both cases in order for Republicans to achieve their goal of having a voter I-D requirement in effect for the November elections.  The law was only used once -- in the February 2012 primaries -- before it got tangled up in the legal system.





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