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Is a Man-Made Lake in Marshfield's Future

5/14/14) Marshfield is home to almost 20-thousand residents and the world-famous Marshfield Clinic -- but one thing the city lacks is a lake close by.

 And it does not appear it will get one any time soon.  The city's Economic Development Board had a group of U-W Stevens Point students study the feasibility of a man-made lake.  They said it would cost 30-million dollars to put in a 200-acre lake -- plus the cost of extending utilities.  City planning director Jason Angell said Marshfield is one of only a few places in Wisconsin without a lake nearby -- and officials were hoping to provide a new recreation opportunity, so fewer residents would leave on summer weekends and spend less time at faraway cabins.  The students identified three possible sites for a lake, based on environmental factors.  The most favorable was a 160-acre site on the southwest side of town, west of the airport.  Beside the cost issue, the students said sites fed by runoff could cause pollution problems.  Angell said it's possible that a lake could be reconsidered in the future, if a frac-sand reclamation project provides such an opportunity.  A lake for Marshfield was first discussed in newspaper editorials four decades ago, but it was never considered by the city.





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