Six municipal parking lots in Black River Falls are getting named after historical members of the community. The Black River Falls Common Council passed Resolution #2021-03 during their May 4th meeting. The newly named lots include:

McGillivary Lot on North Water Street at the old Carquest location after the McGillivary family, one of the saw mill giants of the time; the Gebhardt Lot at the Black River Area Chamber of Commerce after Herman and Oma Gebhardt who made a significant impact on the city pool that used to be there; Bright Lot on North 2nd Street after H.H. Bright, considered one of the founders of Black River Falls; Spaulding Lot on the corner of Harrison Street and North 2nd Street after Jacob & Dudley Spaulding, considered the original founders of the city; Johnson Lot on South Water Street and and to the south of the Black River Falls Fire Department after Calvin Johnson, considered the first teacher in Black River Falls.

A proposal was put into the Jackson County Executive and Finance Committee for the last parking lot, across from the Jackson County Courthouse, as the county owns that lot, on the naming to be Price Lot, as it is the closest in relation to what was once known as Price Hill.

The Black River Falls Downtown Association will be paying for and installing signage at the parking lots.

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