People wanting to drive their ATV/UTV’s on city streets in Black River Falls will still have to wait. The Black River Falls Common Council discussed the ordinance related to ATV/UTV use on city streets during their monthly meeting on Tuesday (7/6). Council members have been receiving calls from residents that oppose the ordinance, and would like it to go to a referendum vote. One Alderperson inquired about using a sunset clause in the ordinance, which would allow the city to try the ordinance for a period of time. The City of Black River Falls Attorney informed the council that he had recently written something similar that included a sunset clause for the City of Blair, and that he would look into it. The meeting notes also state that Mayor Jay Eddy said that there have been individuals that have already started driving their ATV/UTV downtown already even though the ordinance has not passed. It’s his hope that no one else will do this, and said that it will be published and well noted if the ordinance is passed.

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