Celebrating Bat Week this week (October 24-31), the Wisconsin DNR is reminding people that now through the rest of this year, they’re offering a $25 rebate when you purchase a new Endangered Resources license plate. Wisconsin is home to four bat caves species, and populations have seen a steep decline since 2014 when white-nose syndrome was found in the bat population in the state. The special license plates normally cost $40, with $15 going to the WI DOT and the rest going to conservation efforts. Owners of the special plates pay a $25 donation to keep their plates each year. Last year, over $400,000 was raised for the conservation of endangered species. The $25 rebate is available to new purchasers as well as current owners who switch from one plate design to another.

Link to purchase Endangered Resources License Plate

Link to application for Endangered Resources License Plate

Link to DNR Rebate Form

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