The ribbon was officially cut on the newest Strobus Solar Project in Jackson County. Board members of Jackson Electric Cooperative, One Energy, Arch Electric, and Northern Family Farms joined together on Tuesday (9/14) afternoon for the ceremony on East Gilbert Road in Black River Falls. The project is located on 12 acres of land owned by Northern Family Farms of Merrillan. Eric Udelhofen, of One Energy Renewables shared how much energy the project will put out.

“We expect the system to produce about 3.2 million kilowatt hours per year, which is enough for about 320 average Wisconsin Homes,” said Udelhofen.

Mike Cornell, CIO of Arch Electric talked about the technology in the solar panels themselves.

“This system is designed to track…the sun. So these panels will move from East to West, and that’s how we get the maximum generation. These are also bi-facial panels. The newest technology in 2021 was bi-facial panels…in other words there is solar production from the bottom as well as the top of the panel,” explained Cornell.

Governor Tony Evers was in attendance and applauded Jackson Electric and all others involved in getting the project done.

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