A few ordinances were passed during Tuesday’s Black River Falls Common Council meeting. The first was a section of Ordinance #857 related to the use of dangerous weapons in the City. The use of dangerous weapons in the city is regulated, meaning no person can fire or use one unless noted in the exceptions, which are supervised gun ranges, a conditional use permit, law enforcement officers acting in normal course of employment, and a permit issued by the Wisconsin DNR. Language was added to include bow and arrow and crossbows to the prohibited list of dangerous weapons.

The second ordinance passed, Ordinance #860 relates to sand and grease traps within the City. The Common Council repealed and rewrote that one as well to include annual inspections of grease and sand traps summarizing all activity, and now includes a fine for each day if found in violation of sand and grease trap regulations.

Ordinance #861 was passed as well, and it relates to employee residency requirements. The new language added to the ordinance allows the Common Council to grant a waiver to an employee that lives 15 miles or more outside of the City, if they find it in the best interest of the City.

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