Dennis is a native of the Badger State, residing in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. Being raised on a family Christmas tree farm birthed his passion for the outdoors. Dennis spent many a childhood day exploring the hills and valleys of Jackson County’s Oak Ridge country. He has developed a solid work ethic with nearly three decades of retail sales and work force management. Dennis is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and many other outdoor activities. He is involved with his local church and community. Passing his outdoor heritage on to the next generation is always a work in progress. Dennis is blessed with a wonderful wife and four beautiful children. Faith and family are of top priority.

Dennis is the resident land expert in the greater Black River Falls area. When embarking on your next real estate adventure, call Dennis. Rest assured you will receive professional and courteous service with a smile!

*WI Licensed Real Estate Agent

Weiss Realty LLC, Dennis Guenther Website

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