BuyLine is a way of doing non-commercial advertising.  You can buy, sell, trade, make a community service announcement or wish someone a Happy Birthday or Anniversary!

BuyLine airs Mondays through Saturdays starting at 8:00am runs until 9:00am.

Mary Gerdes and Bob “Gabby” Gabrielson are your weekday hosts and Tony Hart has the honors for Saturday.

If you want to use the BuyLine for your non-commercial advertising, call (715) 284-4391 or #997 on your US Cellular phone. 

If you are a long distance caller, use our toll-free line 877-997-9947.

Can’t get on the BuyLine?  Use BuyLine Classifieds!

You can have us do all the work for you.  We’ll read your non-commercial BuyLine ad during our regular BuyLine Program.

This for just $ 6.00 per time on the Buyline.  Drop off your announcement at the radio station or call it in and pay by credit card at 715-284-4391 or toll free 877-997-9947.

Watch the Buy Line Live via Facebook