By Mr. Christopher R. Hanson

Friends and supporters of the U.S. Army Reserve,

The U.S. Army Reserve commemorates its 115th birthday on Sunday, April 23 by recognizing the dedicated service of our 200,000 Army Reserve Soldiers and Civilians.

This year’s theme is “Find your passion, find your purpose.” The Army Reserve offers over 120 different career fields and draws talent right from the community. Soldiers can answer their calling while building on their civilian profession or try a new career that fulfills a separate purpose.

For generations, Citizen Soldiers have leveraged professional skills, while serving in uniform, with education and expertise acquired in the private sector. In cities and towns across America, the U.S. Army Reserve has always been comprised of men and women with great passions, talents, and abilities. Those abilities are manifested as leadership, bravery, and a strong sense of purpose.

The Army Reserve evolved from a small corps of medical professionals in 1908 to what it is today; the best trained, best equipped and most ready Army Reserve in our nation’s history. The force has over 200,000 Soldiers and Civilians in all 50 states, 5 territories and 23 countries.

The Army Reserve command will celebrate throughout the week with a leadership fitness run, cake-cutting ceremony and several other events. Please join in the celebration by using or searching #USARBirthday115 on social media platforms.

The U.S. Army Reserve remains ready today as the dedicated federal reserve force the Army needs to fight and win America’s wars while shaping the force to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Attached are two informational graphics on the impact of the Army Reserve in the state of Wisconsin. 

Thank you for your continued support of the United States Army Reserve!

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