The City of Black River Falls will hold its monthly common council meeting this afternoon starting at 6pm. This meeting will be held at City Hall, which is located at 101 South Second Street in Black River Falls.

Some items on the agenda include monthly committee reports as well as a revision to the employee handbook regarding Attendance & Punctuality. There will also be discussion on Amendment 7 to the Employee Handbook – Work From Home Policy.

In addition, there will be action taken on Proposal from Staley Plumbing & HVAC LLC to replace 20-ton Trane DX cooling unit at City Hall at a cost of $66,320.00, as well as Authorization to perform professional engineering services for Cedar Corporation for Foundation Trail improvements at a cost not to exceed $47,900.00.

If you’d like to zoom into the common council meeting, you can visit this link:

You can also dial in at 1-312-626-6799. The meeting ID is 810 5080 7650 and the password will be cityhall.

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