Drew Vincent Earll, 14, of Northfield passed away on October 27, 2023, in Nebraska. He was born on January 8, 2009, in Eau Claire, WI, the son of Ashleigh Earll.

Drew was a bright young man with a big future ahead of him. He loved tearing up the yard with his dirt bike, always popping wheelies with a big smile that was so contagious. His love for farming showed so much. Going to the chicken barn, the dairy barn, field work and being Trevor’s right-hand man were his favorite things. The big white tractor he claimed was his after cutting his first ten acres of hay all by himself. He said his name should be on the door since he now owns it. Drew was an avid hunter & fisherman. He was able to accomplish all his firsts with his forever hunting buddies Trevor & Riley. He shot his first doe, buck, turkey, coyote and bear. He planned to add to his collection in Colorado on the “big hunt.”

Drew had very big goals at only 14 but had the determination to accomplish them all. Getting his high school diploma was one. After getting that he wanted to own his own trucking company, be an electrician on weekends and own his own chicken barn. He planned to add to the hunting collection and shoot a mountain lion in years to come.

All his life he was a sweet, smart, smiley, making you laugh kind of kid. He was the life of the party and loved making jokes. He would definitely keep you on your toes. When he was chosen to be class Secretary that meant a lot to him being chose by his peers. He made lifelong memories with his best buddies “Drew Crew” since they were little boys in kindergarten. They planned to do big things in life together. Drew was able to know the feeling of young love and already had his future planned out with Emily. He was so kindhearted, caring, and would often put his feelings last to make sure you were ok.

Drew’s Dad role model and forever hunting buddy Uncle Trevor will always hold a special place in his heart. Drew only knew the love of a father for four years but in those four years was able to leave this world feeling a love he never knew before. He was Trevor’s right-hand man with farming, hunting, making food plots, fishing, driving around looking for deer, trips to Fazolies so he could eat 15 breadsticks, and so many more memories.

He was loved by everyone around him but carried a special bond with Ella and me. It was always us three together no matter what. We overcame many obstacles in life together by always being team Earll. Drew would always protect us often referring to himself as the man of the house and held that name with pride. Drew was an amazing help at home and would do whatever he could for his Ella and me. The connection we had was one in a million because Drew was one in a million. He was growing to become an amazing man one day with the amount of love and respect he carried with him for others.

I will never understand why heaven needed you more than Ella and I did but I’m sure you’re doing big things up there, especially riding your dirt bike. Fly High Drew you will forever be missed by everyone you impacted in your life. Don’t ever stop smiling big.

Drew is survived by his mom Ashleigh Earll, sister Ella Earll, Special uncle Trevor & Amanda Earll (Easton). Uncles Riley & Onna Jarstad, Kyle Earll, Jacob & Grace Earll. Siblings Cody Skaar, Ashley Easterson, Bo Easterson. Grandparents Steve & Barb Jarstad, Duane Jr & Angie Earll. Great Grandparents Carol Earll, Bev Jarstad, Tom & Cindy Olk. Aunt Mary Kolve. Great Aunts, Uncles Donny Earll, David Earll, Chery & Kevin Webster, Carol & Pat Ruzic, Michael & Gina Olk. Special friend Hilma Jacobson, lots of cousins, many more extended family members and friends.

Drew is preceded in death by his Great Grandpas Duane Earll Sr, Clifford Vincent, Michael Jarstad and brother Tyler Anderson.

Funeral Services will be held on Saturday November 4th at the Northfield Lutheran Church. Visitation will be from 11-2, Funeral to follow with a meal afterwards. Drew will be buried in the cemetery at the Northfield Lutheran Church.

A memorial will be held at a future date to honor Drew’s name at the Whitehall School District in Whitehall, WI.

In lieu of flowers I would like the money to go to the Drew Earll Scholarship Fund.

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