The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) indicates High Fire Danger across the state of Wisconsin, after an extended period of dry weather. Contributing factors include warm temperatures, very low relative humidity and wind. Much of the state has not had any rain in the past 10 days. In addition, the rain that was received prior was minimal.
The DNR and local fire departments responded to over 90 wildfires in the last week, burning an estimated 30 acres. Fortunately, annual green-up progressed across most of the state, and the winds have been light. Suppression crews have been successful with attacking fires quickly, minimizing fire growth.
Moisture levels in vegetation are declining and becoming more prone to wildfire starts. This week’s weather conditions will continue to elevate fire danger. The DNR will suspend burn permits in critical areas where the DNR regulates outdoor burning.
The Public is reminded to:
Keep an eye on the changing fire danger this week.
Avoid burning, especially debris piles, until we get a good soaking rain.
Conduct activities that cause sparks early in the morning or later in the day to avoid peak burn times (e.g., wood cutting, lawn mowing, farming, recreational vehicles, parking hot exhaust systems on dry grass, etc.).
A weather system moving in from the west may bring some relief to the northwest part of the state. There will be brief chances of light precipitation for the next few days, but that system will struggle to move east across Wisconsin and is unlikely to generate meaningful, widespread rainfall.

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