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MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in partnership with the Wisconsin State Fair Park officials today announced that the Hank Aaron State Trail will once again be closed between S. 76th St. and S. 84th St. during the 2023 Wisconsin State Fair to ensure that safety continues to be a top priority. The fair will run Aug. 3-13, 2023.

The Hank Aaron State Trail runs east/west and passes over State Fair Park north of W. Schlinger Ave. west of the Fair Park, Fifth Street within the Fair Park and W. Pierce St. east of the Fair Park. In recent years, State Fair Park Management and Police have worked diligently to secure the entire perimeter of the park by adding metal detectors at all admission entrances, installing more secure fencing, instituting bag size restrictions, and reconfiguring gates, entrances, and exits. Allowing an elevated trail that runs directly over visitors and vendors at State Fair Park to stay open during the State Fair severely compromises this secure perimeter.

“While we understand the closure of the Hank Aaron State Trail presents challenges for the many loyal users of the trail, we appreciate the DNR’s support and the public’s understanding of why the portion of the trail that crosses over State Fair Park cannot remain open during the 11 days of the Wisconsin State Fair,” said John Yingling, Chairman of the Wisconsin State Fair Park Board of Directors. “This closure is critical to ensuring that the perimeter of State Fair Park is fully secured and will help us with our goal of providing a safe and enjoyable visit to the more than one million visitors the State Fair welcomes each year.”

Alternative routes are available in both directions. It is understood that various routes may be utilized based on preference and destination. In advance of the closure, which will begin on Aug. 3, State Fair Park staff will post signage on the trail about the closure dates and alternate routes. State Fair Park will also be adding additional striping for bike lanes in both directions on North St. (Adler), which runs between the State Fair Park North Parking lot and the USCellular Main Entrance. Additional information can be found online at and

Questions and concerns from the public may be directed to State Fair Park Police at 608-843-1093.

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