The June Jackson County Jail Statistic Report was presented July 14th. In total, 92 arrests were made. Total bookings for the month came in at 60. Year to date bookings and arrests are sitting at 405.

In a breakdown of those statistics, it is reported that the average daily population for the Jackson County Jail is 50.55. The average mail population is 31.03 and female average daily population is 7.Demographically, 65% of the year to date Jail population is caucasion, 25% is native American, 6% has been African American and the remain 4 % is Hispanic, unknown and Asian.

In the current Jackson county jail population, 12 have been incarcerated for felonies, 32 for misdeanors, 8 for traffic related and 33 classified as other.It was noted that the jail Experienced a few minor issues with digital technology for inmates, that have been fixed.Modes of communication for inmates continue to be: Phone-calls, Texting, Emails, Picture-mail, and Video Visits. The jail is looking to add additional resources on the tablets for inmates to access.New tablets now have a digital resources library for NA publications.
 Under the resource area for inmates, they now have access to items we can switch out as frequent or infrequently as we want examples are:  Area Resource Guide, Applications/Guidelines for state benefits N.A. publications, PREA EDUCATION, Jail Voting Guide/Eligibility. Homeless Resources, Western Dairyland, Veterans Housing and Recovery Assistance, Substance Abuse Publications & Education, Suicide Crisis information & facts and HIV & CDC Education. We have the complete report below.

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