Recent reports of suspicious activity involving children in our community has prompted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department to issue some safe tips. Chief Deputy Adam Olson says some of the reports allege that subjects in vehicles are approaching
unsupervised children and talking to them or otherwise interacting with them. Each incident has been investigated individually. Olson says while there seems to be no immediate cause for parents to be alarmed, officers would like the community to always be vigilant. It’s also an opportunity to speak with children about what to do in these types of situations.

Some tips, which are also good for adults to remember as well, include:

Walk with someone or let family or friends know which route you will be taking.

When walking alone, try to remain in lighted areas and in the public’s view.

Stay aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious incidents.

If you believe you are being followed, make others aware by calling a friend, family member, or 911. Or gain the attention of anyone in the public. If you feel you are in danger, get away…

Be a good witness. If you are approached by anyone in a manner you feel is suspicious, try to remember details about them like hair color, approximate age, what color and type of vehicle they were driving

If you have a cell phone, record the interaction. This will help law enforcement in their investigation.

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