This is the story of Lisa Ann Schock. She was a wonderful woman that was loved, is missed, & will always
be cherished. Our “Heema,” as she was affectionately referred to by her granddaughter, “Sweetie,” as
she was lovely referred to by her husband, was an amazing wife, mom, grandmother, sister, daughter, &
niece, who was resilient & a quiet strength for our family.
Lisa was born in North Conway, New Hampshire and was the youngest child to Robert (Bob) & Janet
Grace. Being part of a military family, Lisa spent time growing up in many places including New
Hampshire, Germany, Alaska, & North Dakota. She was blessed to have two older siblings to show her
the “ropes”: Connie Johnson & Jeffrey Grace. Together, they were “the three stodges”. Throughout their
childhood, Lisa was their constant sidekick, best friend, & sometimes a pain in their butt like little sisters
can be. Lisa’s aunt, Carol “Biff” Prata recalls a time when as a child, the little redheaded firecracker got
into trouble by taking something in the medicine cabinet she shouldn’t have, resulting in her becoming a
nonstop chatterbox for over 24 hours.
Lisa was renowned for her perseverance & resiliency towards life’s difficulties including her long &
courageous journey; first with breast & then pancreatic cancer. She fought like a warrior all the way to
the end. Lisa could be a fierce redhead, especially when it came to her protecting her pride & joy, her
three boys: Paul, Ken, & Dan Yahnke. It’s no surprise to anyone to hear about the time she got kicked
out of her son, Paul’s baseball game for telling the ump he made the wrong call. For when it came to
supporting her children, Lisa’s voice was most often the one others would hear coming from the stands.
Life spent half of her life in Sparta Wisconsin, where she raised her boys. In 1993, she started working at
Jubilee Foods in Sparta, where she developed many friendships in the bakery. She worked there until
she moved to Taylor, WI in 2007 to be with her soulmate & the love of her life, Jim “Woody” Schock. It
was then, Lisa returned to her earlier days in life of traveling around the country, often on the back of a
Harley. This was especially true after Woody retired in 2015. With an age difference of 9+ years, Lisa
aspired to join him someday. However, Lisa continued to work at Whitehall Specialties until her
diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in September 2021.
Balancing life was not hard for Lisa as she was an easy-going, rolling with life’s punches kind of gal. She
enjoyed simply feeling the sun on her face, listening to the birds chirp, smelling the flowers, & having
the wind blowing through her hair. Lisa often shared memories of a very special trip she & Woody took
in 2011 back to New Hampshire. Besides her parents and siblings, Lisa enjoyed visiting with her brother-
in-law, Roland Johnson, nieces Karen Johnson & Stephanie Foster. She also was delighted to spend time
with her sister-in-law, Risa, nephew Chlander (Kristie), & niece Clara (Jeff) Grace. Lisa loved to look at &
be in nature. On that particular trip, feeling adventurous, they went ziplining on Wildcat Mountain in
Pinkham Notch, NH.
After 6 years of adventures, Lisa & Woody decided they were just “meant to be” and were united in
marriage on August 3, 2013. They had a way of understanding each other as only your best friend and
soulmate truly can. As Lisa often expressed, Woody made her feel special & always knew he would be by
her side through thick and thin, including when she gained her heavenly wings. Through marriage, Lisa
gained the daughter she never had, Jessica Schock & two more sons, Josh Schock & Eric Beirne.
A lover of all animals, she had many pets over the years. But none more important than her beloved
coonhound, Ike & her sweet cat, Callie, who always kept a watchful eye on her, especially these past few

Lisa’s grandchildren were her heart & joy, & she gained a few more when she married Woody. Her first
blessing was grandson, Sean (Paul) Yahnke, through marriage she gained two step-granddaughters,
Alayna Schock & Arianna Anderson (Josh). Just a few short years later, Jimmy & Greyson Yahnke (Dan)
joined the crew. Last but not least, in the summer of 2019, Piper (Ken) Yahnke joined the family
followed shortly by her sister, Pippi, just a year ago.
Aside from the loved ones already mentioned, Lisa in the past few years received the love and support
of Bryn Edholm (Paul), Sarah Yahnke (Ken), & Randy Dresen (Jessica). Furthermore, Lisa held a special
place in her heart for her aunt, Carol “Biff” & Uncle Anthony Prata, their children, Craig Magee &
Katherine (Nikos) Zafirakis.
Loved ones that cleared the path for Lisa are her grandparents; Evelyn & Charles Hill, Clara & Roy Grace,
Aunt Janette Anthony, & first cousins, Roy Grace & Patrick Davis.
And so, the story goes on until we see our Heema & our Sweetie again. We love to you & miss you Lisa,
you are now at peace.
There are many special people we wish to express our gratitude towards now and during these past 9
months. In particular, we would like to thank Jake & Ed Schlesser, Bill & Kate Bollinger, Steve & Diane
Moy, Steve Goetting, LaRayne Kupietz, Jane Gadzinski, & Wanda Theisen. Special Thank You to Lisa’s
employer, Whitehall Specialties (now Ornua Foods) for their kindness during this time.
A Memorial Service will be held at 11 a.m., Friday, July 15, 2022 at Wozney-Killian Funeral Home,
Arcadia. Visitation will be from 9-11 a.m. Lisa will be laid to rest in St. Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery. In
lieu of flowers, memorials can be made through Royal Credit Union to the Lisa Schock Memorial Fund.
To express condolences to her family, please visit

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