The Monroe County Child Support Agency is the recipient of the Wisconsin Child Support Enforcement Association’s – County of the Year Award.  The award recognizes the agency’s outstanding efforts of the Child Support Program in Monroe County and state-wide.  County Board Chair Cedric Schnitzler and Administrator Tina Osterberg say the agency excelled in improving services and relationships while facing many challenges in the last year.  The Monroe County Child Support Agency, along with DCF – the Department of Children and Families – provided services to Afghan Refugees at Fort McCoy, and became one of the first agencies in the state to work proactively with the local Drug Treatment Court to be part of a solution rather than a problem in recognizing most Drug Court Participants have long-standing mental health and substance disorders which impairs their employability. Schnitzler and Osterberg congratulated the agency’s staff…which includes Nicole Jacobs, Bonnie Peters, Jenny Gordee, Wendy Swenson, Pam Pipkin, Lisa Aldinger-Hamblin, Janice Streeter, Kerry Sullivan-Flock, and Jennifer Noack noting, “they are true leaders in our region.”

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