Free Tetanus Vaccines Available

Tetanus is a serious bacterial disease that produces a poison in the body, causing painful spasms and stiffness of muscles in the body. The bacteria enters the body through open skin, such as a cut or wound. Tetanus infection can also cause “locking” of the jaw, resulting in a person being unable to open their mouth to swallow or breathe. Thirty percent of people who get tetanus die from this disease. Tetanus vaccination is especially important for people who have occupational exposure to cuts or wounds, such as trade workers or those working in the manufacturing and agricultural industries. Tetanus vaccination is only available to those ages seven years and older. After the initial series, Tetanus is given as a booster dose every 10 years, or after 5 years in the case of a severe or dirty wound or burn. Now through September 30, 2023, schedule a free tetanus vaccine appointment at the Monroe County Health Department by calling 608-269-8666. Monetary donations welcomed and appreciated, but not required. Appointments are strongly encouraged.  Not sure if you are due for a Tetanus booster? Check your status through the Wisconsin Immunization Registry at, or call your health care provider or local health department.  Follow the Monroe County Health Department Facebook and Instagram pages for more.

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