UPDATE: Madison Police and other law enforcement partners are following up on information received on the location of these subjects. There is no further need to attempt to locate these subjects at this time. Please continue to contact the Madison Police Department with any information your agency may have regarding these subjects.

Yesterday, the Madison Police Department responded to a suspected homicide in the 1300 block of S Midvale Blvd. The suspect is currently at large. The victim has a five year old child, Avril Duenas Jaurez, who is currently unaccounted for and may be in the company of her father, Jose D Duenas-Quinonez. MPD has identified Jose Duenas-Quinonez as a person of interest at this time.

Jose De Jesus Duenas-Quinonez is reported to be 37 years old  and 5’8″and about 145lbs. Please report any tips to his whereabouts to the Madison Police Department or your local agency.

At the time of this report, the only information we have at WWIS is the name photograph of the victim, 5 year old Avril Jaurez.

Murder/Kidnapping Suspect Jose De Jesus Duenas-Quinonez

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