On Monday, October 3 rd , a Nalox-Zone ZONE box was installed in the entryway of the Jackson
County Department of Health and Human Service Behavioral Health entrance. Jackson County was
made aware of the availability of the Nalox-Zone ZONE boxes from participating in the HOPE
Consortium for the Central Region. The HOPE Consortium is facilitated by the Family Health Center
of Marshfield and the Central Region includes the counties of Jackson, Clark, Wood, and Portage.
The HOPE Consortium is a collaborative rural model for substance use disorder treatment and
recovery support. Participating agencies pool resources to support use of evidenced-based practices
and a regional recovery-oriented system of care.
The mission of the Nalox-ZONE Program, which is provided by Wisconsin Voices for Recovery, a
recovery advocacy organization, is to increase access to naloxone, also known as Narcan, by
distributing as many Nalox-ZONE boxes as possible across Wisconsin, supporting both safety
and harm reduction efforts to save lives and prevent fatalities as a result of opioid overdoses. These
boxes and supplies are currently provided for FREE.
A Nalox-ZONE box is a type of rescue kit that is used to prevent fatality from an opioid overdose.
Each box contains a box of Narcan containing 2 doses of naloxone nasal spray, a breathing barrier (if
CPR is needed), instructions on how to administer naloxone nasal spray (in Spanish and English), and
box placement sites will often include 211 cards inside the box for local recovery-based resources.
Individuals can take the Narcan from box independently and for free.
Program specialistsWisconsin Voices for Recovery has have the ability to remotely track box access
to ensure the boxes are stocked in a timely manner and to collect data on the number of units of
naloxone dispensed at each box site. According to Jessica Stinson, Jackson County Behavioral Health
Manger, “Jackson County Department of Health & Human Services was excited to partner with the
HOPE Consortium and the Wisconsin Voices for Recovery Nalox-Zone ZONE Program to help
increase access to this life-saving medication. We know that there is use in the community and while
we provide treatment, everyone is in a different spot in their recovery. Some are not ready for change

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and some will relapse in their recovery process. Having this life saving medication more available
will help save lives until individuals are ready for recovery or until they have the tools and resources
needed for sustained recovery. We know there is not enough service providers to meet the need in the
community as well so it is important to also support harm reduction strategies.”
According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), “Harm
reduction is an approach that emphasizes engaging directly with people who use drugs to prevent
overdose and infections, infectious disease transition, improve the physical, mental, and social
wellbeing of those served, and offer low-threshold options to accessing substance use disorder
treatment and other health care services. Harm reduction services save lives by being available and
accessible in a matter that emphasizes the need for humility and compassion toward people who are
using drugs. Harm reduction plays a significant role in preventing drug-related deaths and offering
access to healthcare, social services, and treatment. These services decrease overdose fatalities, acute
life-threatening infections related to unsterile drug injection, and chronic diseases such as
Nalox-ZONE boxes can be placed in almost any location indoors (e.g., food pantries, homeless
shelters, libraries, pharmacies, grocery stores, gas stations, hotels, jails, schools/colleges, treatment
centers, laundromats, etc.) Nalox-ZONE boxes are currently in 35 counties and that number
continues to rapidly increase. If you would like to learn more about this program, request a box
placement or naloxone training at no cost, please contact Wisconsin Voices for Recovery Nalox-
ZONE program at:  naloxzone@fammed.wisc.edu.

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