Skyline For All is a new non-profit group, looking to promote the Skyline Golf Course and Clubhouse.  Barb Olson-Louis, President of Skyline For All, took members’ visions and summed it up well: “We are an organization dedicated to supporting Skyline Golf Course by providing and promoting intergenerational activities on the course and at the clubhouse.  Our primary focus will be on youth and families, working to grow the game and make golf opportunities accessible to all through instruction, events, and scholarships.”

The Founding Members, a group of friends with similar ideas, started talking about how to create an environment for anyone interested in visiting the clubhouse or golfing the course – this included youth, families, adults, and that is how “Skyline for All” was born.  Skyline Golf Course and Clubhouse is a public course, dining facility, and event venue.  

Mary Gerdes, Chairperson of Skyline for All, stated “Having more opportunities for area youth and families to take part in the game of golf can do nothing but grow the game and help to ensure the future success of the Skyline for generations to come.”

Everyone is invited to a “Meet and Greet” on August 27th, from 3-5 pm at Skyline Golf Course, to find out more about this new and exciting organization.  Stop up and talk with current SFA members about the group’s future goals, events, and opportunities.  Enjoy a light snack, fun activities for kids and adults, and great comradery!  This will be the perfect opportunity to find out more about Skyline Golf Course and Clubhouse, and experience what is offered to all! 

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