There are no new details on the dissappearance of the missing Reedsburg boy James Yoblonski. In an interview yesterday with WWIS news, Sauk Co. Sheriff’s Office Lt. Steven Schram told us that the department is taking the loss hard, “This is really tough. We’ve never had anything like this happen here before. He is so young.” 

Today marks just a few days short of James being missing for a month now. When deputies first began searching for James, it was thought he was trying to evade officers and attempt to live off grid, or as a survivalist. When asked if they believed that was still the case, Lt. Steven Schram stated, “We are looking into any and everything that we can. We’re looking for evidence on his social media, his contacts, any and all forensic evidence we can to see if there is any more information we can gather to help us find James.” 

He added that officers are still searching for James, and hope they can find any leads while investigating into his whereabouts. Schram also said they are looking into every detail, no matter how small to find anything to help them bring James home safe. 

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