An Onalaska Woman is was arrested and is being charged in the death of her 6 year old son, Alexavier Pedrin.  31 Year old Josie Dikeman is being charged for 1st Degree intentional homicide,, chronic neglect of a child -consequence is death, and physical abuse of a child, repeated acts causing bodily harm. 

These charges all stem  after an emergency call was placed to the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department back on February 11.  Dikeman reported in the call, her young son was unresponsive. When Emergency Responders arrived, they attempted to save the child, however their attempts were unsuccessful. During a subsequent investigation,  the prescription medication, Xanax was also found next to the child.  

It was found during an autopsy that the child died of blunt force trauma. This trauma included severe injuries to his head, neck, and multiple parts of his body.  The xanax also was a factor in the child’s death. 

When questioned by the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department, Dikeman’s children reported that they had seen Dikeman assault the child more than once. The children reported witness her kick and hit her son in front of them.  Back in January, it was noted that Alexavier Pedrin had been seen and hospitalized for a femur fracture. The Doctor noted they had concerns for Alexavier’s safety, and thought the child may be being abused. 

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