Monday, October 23, 2023, 6:00 p.m., Lincoln High School Library

I. Call to order – School Board President
II. Introduction.
III. Election of Chairperson.
IV. 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes. Since the minutes are printed, the Chairperson may
entertain any questions, or a motion to dispense with the reading.
V. Auditor’s Report – School Board Treasurer. Since a letter from the auditors is printed,
the chairperson may entertain a motion to dispense with the reading.
VI. Hearing on the 2023-2024 Proposed Budget.
VII. Resolutions: Request for Tax Levy – It is a recommendation of the School Board that
a tax levy of $2,609,251 is needed to operate the schools in the district, to purchase,
operate and maintain transportation vehicles and provide liability insurance for such
vehicles, and to provide for the prosecution or defense of any action or proceedings in
which the School District is interested for the 2023-2024 school year. Of this
amount, $1,184,251 is for operations and $1,425,000 is for debt service.
VIII. Resolution: Request authorization for the School Board to sell or dispose of tangible
personal property that the Board determines is no longer needed.
IX. Resolution: Request authorization for the School Board to furnish school lunches to
pupils and to appropriate funds for that purpose.
X. Old Business, if any.

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XI. New Business:
A. Fix the salaries of School Board members (current salaries are listed):
i. President – $1,675
ii. Clerk – $1,700
iii. Treasurer – $1,675
iv. Directors and Vice President – $1,625
v. All Day Meeting – $75
B. Request authorization to reimburse the payment of actual and necessary expenses
of a School Board member when traveling in the performance of duties.
C. Request the School Board be authorized to establish the date and time of the next
Annual Meeting other than the 4th Monday in July, but not earlier than May 15th
nor later than October 31st, in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes s. 120.08.
D. Request the School Board be authorized to lease property from Immaculate
Conception Church for $1.00.
E. Request the School Board be authorized to short term borrow for operational
needs up to $750,000.
F. Request authorization to purchase property, if it becomes available, for possible
future addition.

XII. Other Business
XIII. Adjourn
Note: The voters do not approve the budget. They do vote on the required local tax levy
needed to implement the budget. However, the School Board shall, on or before November 1,
determine the amount necessary to be raised to operate and maintain the schools of the School
District and public library operated by the School District if the Annual Meeting did not vote a
tax sufficient for such purpose for the ensuing school year (Ref: WI Stats. S. 120.12(3)).

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