The search continues for a missing Reedsburg Teenager. The father of 13-year-old James Yoblonski told 27 News that he had spent his Father’s Day combing through leaves and branches searching for his missing son. He related that this has been the hardest 8 days of his life. 

It has been just over a week ago when his son James was last seen. It was reported he left his home very early in the morning. He took the family van and left it parked on the side of the road on Highway 12 near Baraboo. It is suspected that he took off into the woods.  

Sauk County Lieutenant Steven Schram stated that officers from every county in the state of Wisconsin assisted in participating in the search for James. On Friday, the search was scaled back. This was decided after investigators came to the conclusion that they believe James might beavoiding law enforcement while attempting a ‘survival or survivalist mission’. 

Schram said they continue their  worry that  their large presence might push James further into the woods. He was careful to state that while they  have scaled back the number of law enforcement searching, they have not stopped looking for James. 

The thought that James might be attempting a survivalist mission came after Jame’s family let Sauk County Sheriff’s Department know that more food items than they initially thought are missing from the home. While searchers have been lessened, they continue to look for James because Schram said while they know James expressed interest in being a survivalist, they can’t be sure that is still or always was his intention.

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