Wednesday May 17th, 10 AM, Virtual Press Conference

Contact:              Beth Swedeen,; (608)-220-2924

                             Patti Becker,, (608) 240-8503

                            Kristin M. Kerschensteiner,; (608) 267-0214

Statewide survey:  people with disabilities, older adults suffering daily from care worker shortage, fear grim future lies ahead.

What: People with disabilities and older adults are staring down the reality of being forced out of their homes because a critical care workforce is missing. For people who rely on care workers, there is no one to hire and no place to go. Many families are forced to do it all and do it alone.

·       Hear the results of Survival Coalition’s statewide survey of people with disabilities, older adults, families, and care workers that confirms the dramatic impact the missing workforce is having now on individuals and larger economy.

·       Hear from parents of young children with disabilities forced out of the workforce.

·       Hear from parents of young adults with disabilities who are watching goals of independence, employment, and inclusion—crumble apart because there are no support workers.

·       Hear from people with disabilities who struggle to live like their neighbors and friends because the care worker shortage is the limiting factor on where they can live and work.

·       Hear the impact on older adults and family’s financial future and independence when there are no care workers to help them stay in their homes.

“Like a riverbank running over or snowstorm, the caregiver crisis touches every household, employer and community in Wisconsin,” said Patti Becker, Survival Coalition co-chair. “Our aging parents who need a little help to stay in their family homes, friends who due to accidents find themselves unexpectedly in need of ongoing care, a co-worker supporting their mom who is living with impacts of dementia, or neighbor’s son who needs a lifetime of support due to circumstances of birth. No matter who or where you are in Wisconsin the crisis is here and closer to your front door every day.”.

When: Wednesday, May 17th at 10 AM @


·       Andy Thain (Thorp, person with a disability)

·       Savannah Bertrand (Eau Claire, parent of young children with disabilities)

·       Jeff Veers (Marshfield, parent and caregiver of a young adult with a disability)

·       Kelli Simpkins (Madison, parent and caregiver of a young adult with a disability)

·       Anne Karch (Madison, parent and caregiver of an adult with a disability)

·       Melissa Stoltz (Orfordville, Hospice nurse)

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