Three Florida men are now behind bars at the Trempealeau County Jail.

Alexander Barnum, Treyvon Boyd, and Izell Jeff were arrested after they were found smashing windows of several vehicles parked near the YMCA in Eau Claire. They were found sitting in a vehicle in Trempeleau county.

Once taken into custody, officers found several purses with personal items including credit cards. Some of these credit cards had been used to purchase over $4,500 in prepaid visa gift cards.

They are being charged with breaking in to many vehicles in both Eau Claire and Osseo. They are also charged with theft and using other peoples credit cards.

The Osseo Police Department said some of the prepaid gift cards purchased with stolen bank cards were purchased at the Walmart in Black River Falls.

With further investigation, it was reported back in March of 2017 that Alexander Barnum and Izell Jeff were captured on surveillance video walking down the street and breaking into vehicles near Northwest 19th Avenue and 44th Street, in Oakland Park Florida. Detectives tracked down the suspects and took them into custody, later that same day.

WSVN Channel 7 News Miami reported “One of the victims of those Florida crimes, Joe Johnson, believes Barnum and Jeff are the same thieves that stole from his car, the year before. “You feel violated. You own a house, $200,000 or $300,000 that you save, and you shouldn’t have to worry about these things,” he said.

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