And a little light hearted news report from Barron County Wisconsin that they shared on their Facebook page.  Their Facebook update reads:

“The other night deputies were requested to a residence in Chetek for a report of a giant snake that had escaped its residence and was out on the roof. We think the description of giant was an undersell…

Upon arrival, deputies were able to utilize some tools and retrieve the giant nope rope and secure it.”

They continued on their social media post, “We won’t judge people’s choice of pets BUT…. we’re pretty sure most people live in NW Wisconsin to avoid these jungle monsters. Great job guys going above and beyond to help keep this non-native Severus Snake from roaming the streets.” 

This light hearted social media humor comes just months after the tragic April 8 shooting deaths of Chetek Officer Emily Breidenbach and Cameron Officer Hunter Scheel. 

Many of the Facebook commenters thanked the Barron County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in this case. With the heroic sacrifice of two of their Officers still on their minds, local commenters were sure to say, “Thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty” both as a humorous jab, and also as acknowledgement of  the very real danger that Officers face on a daily basis.

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