A Flood Warning for the Black River continues. As of 3:00 this morning, the river stage was at 50.6 feet in Black River Falls. Flood stage is 47 feet. The National Weather Service in La Crosse says the Black River crested at 53.4 feet Friday, which compares to a previous crest of 50.8 feet recorded on May 31, 2004. The Black River is expected to fall below flood stage late Sunday morning and continue falling to 38 feet by Friday evening.

Meanwhile, flood waters on the Mississippi River continue to rise. As of this morning, it was flowing at just over 17 feet. Flooding on the Mississippi happens at 13 feet. This is some of the worst flooding the Mississippi has seen. The last time it was this high was back in 2019. The National Weather Service says it expects the river to crest at 19.1 feet Thursday morning. Back in April of 1969, it crested at 19.4 feet.

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