The School District of Black River Falls will hold their Board of Education Meeting at the District Office Monday March 27th.

The meeting will be held at 6pm. The District Office is located at 301 North 4th Street in Black River Falls.

Here is the agenda for the meeting:

Community Engagement:
Parents, students and the community are effectively engaged in the educational process
and feel connected and proud to be a part of the School District of Black River Falls.
5.1 Public Comment
5.2 Gifts/Grants
5.3 School Year Start Date Waiver
5.4 School Year Calendar 2023-2024
5.5 School Forest Agreement
5.6 Follow Up Discussion Regarding Listening Session
5.7 Angel Funds & School Supplies

  1. Our People:
    We have a reputation of excellence that helps attract and retain highly qualified staff. We
    value and appreciate employees who apply their skills and experience to meeting our high
    expectations and fulfilling our district’s vision.

6.1 Focus on Purpose – Art Department
6.2 Employment Recommendations

  1. Student Success:
    All students will increase their achievement and attain annual personal growth goals in
    order to reach their highest potential.
    7.1 Student Success Report – Math Materials Adoption
  2. Finance & Facilities
    We ensure efficient, innovative, and effective use of District resources to promote
    collaboration and inspire excellence in teaching and learning.
    8.1 Monthly Expenditures
    8.2 Facility Update
    8.3 2023-2024 Budget Discussion
    8.4 Policy Committee Board Report
    8.4.1 First Reading of Policies: 527 Grievance Procedure, 651 Revenues
    from Local Tax Sources, 652 Revenues from Investments, 653 Gate
    Receipts and Admissions, 662 Short Term Borrowing, 664 Cash Handling
    in District Buildings/Activities, 345.55 Cum Laude – RULE
    8.5 Food Waste
  3. Reports

9.1 Meeting Minutes
9.2 District Administrators Report
9.3 WASB/Other
9.4 Conference/Workshop Attendance
9.5 School Board Connection Opportunities

  1. Future Agenda Item Identification

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