Future pharmacists are getting real hands-on experience, thanks to a partnership between Tomah Health and the U-W School of Pharmacy in Madison.

Fourth year pharmacy students are able to take part in a six-week program as part of the Advanced Pharmacy Experiences or A-P-P-E program.

Over the past two years, Tomah Health has had fifteen (15) students, which Tomah Health Pharmacy Director Todd Chapman says has helped developed students’ skills to provide pharmaceutical care to patients, while helping address a shortage of pharmacists across the state, including rural areas.

Chapman said the hospital is one of a handful of health care facilities in Wisconsin that provide the A-P-P-E program.

In 2018, the U-W School of Pharmacy began the program to introduce students to rural practices at facilities like Tomah Health where they can gain experience in the role of a pharmacist under the supervision of a pharmacist preceptor.

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