Concern from parents leads to felony child neglect for a 44 year old Bangor woman with a non licensed day care center. Heather Reed is being charged with Child Neglect resulting in great bodily harm and failing to get a license to operate a day care. Reed appeared before a judge on Wednesday. The charges are the result of an incident in October of 2022.

The criminal complaint reads that the infant’s parents were concerned when they picked their baby up on a Wednesday. They stated the baby seemed ill for the next two days and on that Friday the baby had a swollen leg. Upon arriving to the hospital, the baby was found to have multiple injuries that are consistent with “non-accidental trauma”. The injuries included fractures to the baby’s skull, ribs and legs.

Police reported the parents stated nothing at home could have caused the baby’s injury’s. While police were interviewing Reed, they noted she was visibly upset and crying while answering questions. She stated she didn’t notice anything wrong with the baby and that the baby spent his days in his car seat, a baby swing or she held him throughout the days.

It was also noted during the interview that Reed cared for seven children, three of them under the age of two. A specialist from the Department of Children and Families stated that was well over the limit of children allowed.

Reed is currently out on a signature bond and is ordered to have no contact with the baby or the baby’s parents.

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