Gov. Tony Evers congratulated high school seniors for their upcoming graduations. He recorded a video for use in commencment ceremonnies, and we have a transcript of the video message attached below. 

Hello, graduates! Governor Tony Evers here.

Congratulations on your graduation and reaching this milestone. 

I speak for all your family, friends, and loved ones when I say were all so proud of you.

You’ve spent the past few years pouring your time and energy into papers, projects, extracurricular activities, sports, you name it—and your hard work has paid off. 

Now, you’re taking a step into the next chapter of life, whether that’s onto college, a tech school, or joining our workforce, and you will be able to take everything you’ve learned and bring it with you on the adventures that lie ahead.  

On behalf of the state of Wisconsin, congratulations, Class of 2023, and best of luck in your future endeavors.

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