The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office is attempting to locate Brandon M. Ferguson, M/W, DOB 03/14/89. Brandon is associated with a traveling gypsy paving scam operation that operates under the name of Community Blacktop LLC. Brandon has been known to solicit elderly individuals at their residence claiming to have leftover blacktop from working at another jobsite in the area. They will then give the victim a low estimate to bait victim/s into “hiring” them to perform some minor work at a discount. Different tactics are used, however, essentially the scammers will strong arm the victim/s into paying a large sum more than what was originally quoted. This criminal enterprise has been known to travel nationally, however, has some ties to the Hastings, MN area. They were also recently in the Abbotsford, WI area on 10/11/23, and in 2020 the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office handled a similar incident with Brandon in which he was operating under MVP Valued Paving.

Brandon had recently displayed a Michigan Driver’s License at a bank in Medford identifying himself as Daniel P. Mickelson of Iron River, Michigan to cash a large check from our victim. Brandon is wanted in connection to this incident for Identity Theft and Fraud against a Financial Institution. If you have any information regarding Brandon’s whereabouts or recent activity of “Community BlackTop LLC” contact Detective Chad Kowalczyk of the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office.

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