A Medary, Wisconsin woman accused of horrific abuse of her son,  six-year-old Alexavier Pedrin, which resulted in his death  has pleaded not guilty.

31-year-old Josie Dikeman is facing multiple charges, including an intentional homicide charge for the death of her son.

Several witnesses took the stand in La Crosse County Court Friday morning in the second part of Dikeman’s preliminary hearing.  Each witness recounted the many  instances of Dikemans abuse of her son. Two of her children stated they had seen her abuse him, and one said he was afraid and he couldn’t stop it. 

During the hearing, it was discovered that Dikeman only called 911 for her son after her own mother told her to. It was said that it was over four minutes that Alex was not breathing until she finally called in for help for him.  Besides the injuries that killed him: blunt force injuries to the head and neck” and “multiple contusions of the chest and back” along with a “fractured rib,”  Alex also had internal bleeding and many other unexplained injuries.  

Following testimony by Alex’s siblings detailing their brothers abuse, Dikeman’s attorney was reported to have said, that  the children’s testimonies should be taken with skepticism.

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