The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is sad to report the death one of our K-9’s. Kolt was our 6-year-old Czech
Shepherd and has served Monroe County since November 2018.
On Wednesday May 10 th , Kolt suffered a heat related injury. He was immediately taken to Sparta Small Animal
Veterinary Clinic and then transported to VCA Animal Hospital in Madison. Although a number of different
treatments were attempted, Kolt was unable to recover from the injury and died on the afternoon of May 15 th with
many loved ones nearby.
The Sheriff’s Office has opened an investigation into the events that led to Kolt’s death. We have requested
additional assistance from the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office who will be consulting with the Juneau County District
Attorney’s Office to ensure a thorough investigation is completed. A Monroe County deputy has been placed on
administrative leave to ensure the effectiveness of the investigations.
To ensure the integrity of the investigations, no additional information will be released until the investigations into
this tragic event are complete.
We feel blessed by the service that Kolt provided to the Sheriff’s Office and communities through-out Monroe
County. This situation has been very difficult for everyone and there is no doubt that this loss will have a lasting
impact on Kolt’s handler and the Sheriff’s Office as a whole.

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