Wisconsin – On Wednesday, Oct. 18, representatives from the Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin (MEUW) met at the State Capitol with 108 legislators to talk about issues important to more than 80 communities in Wisconsin that count on their community-owned utilities to keep the power on. The meetings occurred just before a parade of 80+ bucket trucks from utility companies across the state made their way to Madison in a celebration of MEUW’s 95th anniversary.

Prior to the parade, more than 30 lawmakers took a lift in a bucket truck, so they could see what it is like to be a lineworker. The truck drivers assembled in Waunakee before driving down E. Washington Ave. and encircling the Wisconsin State Capitol Building three times.

“Ninety-five years is a long time to successfully serve the 81 community-owned public power companies that mean so much to hundreds of thousands of people and businesses across Wisconsin,” said MEUW President and CEO Tim Heinrich. “We’re looking out for their interests, as we always have, and today we talked with legislators to make sure public power always has a place at the table as our monumental anniversary parade circled Capitol Square. You could feel the pride our public power workers felt as the parade went by. It was a great day.”

Full details are available at http://www.95th.mymeuw.com.

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