Forty-six front-line health care workers were the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Trempealeau County last Wednesday. Beginning this Monday, Trempealeau County’s police, fire, and correction personnel will have the opportunity to get vaccinated. It’s part of the Trempealeau County Health Department’s continuation of protecting those in phase 1A of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution, according to Public Information Officer, Kaila Baer. Baer says those who meet the phase 1A guidelines may call the Health Department to register for a shot, which will be administered in partnership with Gundersen Tri-County. Phase 1A includes all healthcare workers and first responders such as Chiropractors, Dental services, Home Health Workers, and Social workers to name a few. The Health Department and Gundersen Tri-County caution everyone to keep their guard up saying, “we must continue to protect our community by wearing a mask, physical distancing, avoid gathering with others, washing hands, and staying home when you’re sick.

For more information, see the complete new release below:

Whitehall, Jan. 15, 2020 – The Trempealeau County Health Department is partnering with Gundersen Tri-County to
administer the COVID-19 vaccine following the government’s phased vaccine distribution guidelines.
“Gundersen Tri-County has been fortunate to be able to offer the COVID-19 vaccination to all staff with great response,”
said Kate Cain, Director of Pharmacy at Gundersen Tri-County. “As front-line healthcare workers we have been given an
opportunity to lead the community in acknowledging the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and are excited to provide this
same opportunity to others as they are eligible.”
The Health Department held the first public vaccination clinic on January 13th and 46 individuals received the first dose
of the vaccine. We continue to focus on individuals in phase 1A, which includes healthcare personnel. Beginning January
18, police, fire, and correctional personnel can also be vaccinated. Those who meet the phase 1A guidelines and want to
receive a vaccine can call the Health Department at 715-538-3826. We will collect information to share with Gundersen
Tri-County to ensure all eligible individuals can be vaccinated. The vaccine is provided for free and the administration fee
will be covered by insurance or available funding.
 Anesthesia-related team members
 Behavior health providers
 Certified nursing assistant, nurse
aide, medical assistant
 Chiropractors
 Clinical ethicist
 Dental services
 Home Health Workers
 Emergency Medical Responders
 Health Care Trainees
 Hospice Workers
 Nurses working in community

 Long-term Care Facilities Staff
and residents age 75+
 Pharmacist/pharmacist assistant
 Phlebotomists and laboratory
 Physician Assistant/Nurse
 Physicians
 Public Health Workers providing

vaccines and testing for COVID-

 Radiologic Technologists
 Respiratory Therapists

 Social workers, case management
 Therapy Services (i.e., physical,
occupational, speech)
 Transportation Services provided
to transport patients to and from
healthcare settings
 Police Officers
 Fire personnel
 Correctional officers

“The pandemic has been stressful for many people. I chose to become vaccinated because I want to protect my family, our
healthcare system, and our community against the effects of COVID-19,” said Denise Doerr, Infection
Prevention/Employee Health Nurse at Gundersen Tri-County. “I am looking forward to others being able to receive this
opportunity to make a difference as well and return to normalcy where we can gather with our friends and family. Until
then, I am still maintaining social distancing, wearing a face covering, and frequent hand washing. These are tools that we
all have now to help slow the spread.”
Phase 1A eligible individuals can also reach out to the following agencies to schedule a vaccine appointment:

 Marshfield Clinic Health System: Visit the website and complete the self-registration vaccine survey.
 Mayo Clinic Health System (Eau Claire, Barron, Rice Lake, Bloomer, Osseo and Menomonie): Call 715-464-2683
 For individuals who work in La Crosse County: Ask your employer to fill out this Vaccine Referral Form
We anticipate the county will move to phase 1B vaccine distribution in the coming weeks. When we move into the next
phase, we will contact the eligible groups and promote information through Facebook, websites, radio, and local
newspaper. Please limit calls to the Health Department if you are not in phase 1A.
The Health Department and Gundersen Tri-County want to remind everyone to keep their guard up. The pandemic is not
over and we must continue to protect our community. Wear a mask, physical distance, avoid gathering with others, wash
hands frequently, and stay home when sick. We are nearing the end of the pandemic, but must remain diligent.
For up-to-date information about the COVID-19 vaccine, visit the CDC and Wisconsin DHS websites

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