October 16, 2023
6:00 p.m.

District Office
301 N. 4th Street

The Board will convene in Open Session at approximately 6:00 p.m. for the regular monthly meeting.
The Board operates under Robert’s Rules of Order for Small Assembly.
Our VISION: In the School District of Black River Falls we create an individualized path to future
success for every student through the consistent practices of dedicated educators and meaningful

partnerships with families and our community.

The meeting will be livestreamed via the School District YouTube channel. You may click this link to
view it:, or you may go to and open the tab

labeled Live Streaming/Live Stream Board Meetings.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Roll Call: Mary Jo Rozmenoski , Mary Jo Radcliffe ,

Tom Epps , Jenette Simonson , Nick Helstad ,
Iftikhar Memon
, Brad Dobbs _

  1. Verification of Public Notice
  2. Community Engagement:
    Parents, students and the community are effectively engaged in the educational process and feel
    connected and proud to be a part of the School District of Black River Falls.
    5.1 Gifts/Grants
    5.2 Public Comment
    5.3 TCO Update
    5.4 Naming of Athletic Facilities
    5.5 Relocating November 20, 2023 Board Meeting to Tribal Office Building
  3. Our People:
    We have a reputation of excellence that helps attract and retain highly qualified staff. We value
    and appreciate employees who apply their skills and experience to meeting our high expectations
    and fulfilling our district’s vision.

6.1 Focus on Purpose – K-5 Math
6.2 Employment Recommendations

  1. Student Success:
    All students will increase their achievement and attain annual personal growth goals in order to
    reach their highest potential.
    7.1 Student Senate Report
    7.2 Student Success Report – Parent Grade Progress Monitoring
    7.3 Seclusion & Restraint Report
    7.4 Summer Program Report
    7.5 Fall Data Review
    7.6 Data Clarification on At-Risk Student Report
    7.7 EMLSS at the Elementary
  2. Finance & Facilities
    We ensure efficient, innovative, and effective use of District resources to promote collaboration
    and inspire excellence in teaching and learning.
    8.1 Monthly Expenditures
    8.2 Certification of Annual Tax Levy
    8.3 Budget Modifications
    8.4 Scoreboard at Tiger Stadium
    8.5 Coach Compensation
    8.6 Policy Committee Board Report
    8.6.1 Second Reading of Policies: 823 Record Retention, 823.1 Access to Public
    Records, 343.3 Home Based Education, 164 Board Member Compensation, 343.5
    Part Time Open Enrollment, 424 Participation of Non-Public School Students, 852
    Distribution of Non-School Materials at School
    8.7 Energy Efficiency Projects and Pool Restoration
  3. Reports

9.1 Meeting Minutes
9.2 District Administrators Report
9.3 WASB/Other
9.4 Conference/Workshop Attendance
9.5 School Board Connection Opportunities

  1. Future Agenda Item Identification
  2. The School Board will adjourn to closed session pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85 (l) (f) and (g) for the
    purposes of considering actions which may negatively impact the reputation of the individual if
    discussed in open session and the written legal advice of counsel.
    Roll Call: Mary Jo Rozmenoski , Mary Jo Radcliffe_, Nick Helstad , Tom Epps , Iftikhar Memon , Jenette Simonson, Brad Dobbs
  3. Adjournment

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