The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) asks the public to stay vigilant and avoid all outdoor burning this holiday weekend due to elevated fire danger across southern and central Wisconsin. This includes campfires.

The forecast going into Labor Day weekend indicates very hot, dry and windy conditions Saturday through Monday, prompting potential for critical fire weather warnings.

On windy, dry days, embers from any fire, especially burn piles and campfires, can easily get out of control and cause a wildfire if not properly extinguished.

DNR burn permit restrictions and fire danger vary from county to county. However, the DNR will suspend annual burn permits in these critical areas where the DNR has burn restriction authority.

The DNR has responded to 10 wildfires in the last week. The recent fires were small due to higher humidity and quick action by suppression resources. With the forecasted conditions and holiday recreation concerns, more fires are expected over the weekend. 

Outdoor enthusiasts should also be extra careful with off-road vehicles or equipment that can create a spark and start a fire. Keep in mind that weather conditions can change frequently and quickly become dangerous. 


  • Avoid outdoor burning until conditions improve. 
  • Operate equipment (chainsaws, off-road vehicles, lawnmowers, etc.) early in the morning or late in the day to avoid sparks at peak burn hours.
  • Secure dragging trailer chains.
  • Report fires early and call 911.

Check current fire danger, wildfire reports and burning restrictions on the DNR website.

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