On 01/27/23 at 1515hrs, Suspect walked into US Bank located at 200 N Durkee St and completed two separate fraudulent transactions. The victim who resides in Illinois reported the transactions and total loss of $8000. The suspect used the victims’ personal information on a DL to complete the transactions. The first transaction was a withdrawal of $4000. The second transaction the suspect had a cashier’s check made out to a “Cheryl Reed” and was able to remove additional $4000. The victim also received a call from the Oshkosh Branch of US Bank about an attempted withdrawal of another $4700 that was denied.

If you are concerned about fraud and identity theft, please feel free to speak with your local bank about setting up tighter controls on your accounts. These can include special passcodes for calling in to transfer money as well as passwords or ID confirmation for in person transactions.

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