On 07/13/23 at approximately 0200 hours, an employee of the Eagle Express/George Webb Gas station in Marinette County received a call from an individual he believed to be the “owner” of the business. The alleged owner told the employee he needed to check the expiration date on the fire extinguishers. He then told the employee there would be a delivery coming and the owner needed to pay 25% of the 14k bill for the delivery.

The owner told the employee to get $3500 in cash ready and he would come and pick it up. The employee did not have access to that amount of cash at the business. Ultimately the owner told the employee to break into the restaurant portion of the building, an office, and a safe to obtain the money.

The “owner” told the employee to drive to Green Bay and deposit the money into a Bitcoin machine. The employee was on the phone with the “owner” for over 2 ½ hours. The “owner” gave instructions on how to enter the money into the Bitcoin machine.

Ultimately a citizen discovered the abandoned gas station with the smashed glass door and called law enforcement. The key holder was able to contact the employee immediately and stop his actions after $900 had been deposited in the Bitcoin machine.

The legitimate owner of the business is of middle eastern origin and the caller had a middle eastern accent. The employee had met the owner in the past and legitimately believed he was speaking to the owner.

The phone numbers utilized by the suspect are 52 33 2507 5993 (mexico) and 715-300-7439

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